Design is our passion

Increase value, perception, visibility, promotional channels, and sales of your company,
improving identity image and communication with an innovative
design & management approach to your brand.


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We give value, shape and color to your business

making it uniques, a unique emotion.

Design agency specialised in brand communication strategies with 20 years of international experience.

We offer highly customized corporate design services to best meet the needs of your business and communicate your message in a effective, elegant and legible way.

Our design services


o    Logo design 

o    PowerPoint presentation

o    Graphic design for social network

o    Graphic design for seles funnels

o    Graphic design for landing page

o    Graphic design for van or display window

o    Graphic design for fairs and events

o    Print products and print technology

Our skills


o    Brand analyses

o    Redesign Brand  Subscription

o    Marketing & communication

o    SEO: Optimisation search engine
o    SEM: Web Marketing
o    Management social networks

o    Online & offline advertising

o    Corporate brand management

o    Print technology

o    Graphic design for company

Our core competence is to design and develop a corporate graphic design that perfectly fits in your brand following  guidelines and a customized brand manual.

o    Brand Analyses

Brand analysis is a fundamental step to better understand your position in the market place.

o    Digital Catalogue

We create eye-catching and well structured digital catalogs that present your products and services in a professional and engaging way.

o    Design services custom made

Wea re ready to listen to your specific needs and create tailor-made graphic design solutions for your company, to convey your message in a effective and innovative way.


 o    Graphics for events and exhibitions

Participation in fairs and events is a precious opportunity to make your company known. Our custom event booths will capture your audience's attention and effectively convey your company's message.


o    Corporate brand subscription

The corporate brand subscription is a personalized graphic design and management service that will accompany you over time, ensuring visual coherence and constant growth of your brand, and also allows you to achieve the same goals at a lower cost.


o    Advertising Poster

The advertising poster is a powerful tool for conveying a clear and incisive message.


o    Interactive display with touch screen   >>  Discover more

Rental and display customization. A fascinating digital experience. A new way of thinking your advertising. Unique in Ticino.



Find out if your corporate image communicates correctly your brand, business and services.


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What our customers say

An interesting design service which guarantees a rapid and continuous responce of high value.


Gianluca Agazzi  -  Director

Adeodata S.r.l, validation for life science

20123 Milano

Mr Carrara is a highly professional person with a good eye for details,
we raccomend the brand subscription because the design service is fast and it is managed in the long terms.


Stefano Piantoni  -  Responsabile

Ferrari Segnaletica Sagl

CH - 6802 Rivera

The brand design subscription allows me to have a brand that it is managed in a quick way and always updated
with multiple advantages and benefits.


Median Ramadani  -  Direttore

Swissfloor Bodenbau SA

CH - 6596 Gordola


Thanks to our twenty years of international experience we have developed solutions able to effectively increase visibility, sales andFind out more perception of your brand, improvinFindg design and long-term communication

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We simplyfing visual complexity,
we make simple an image,
a communication, a logo,
a product, but simple dosn't
mean banal, it means adding
value to your brand



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Our design services


Brand strategy

Design & communication

Interior decoration

Website & E-commerce

Brand design subscription

Stand design for trade fairs & events

Printing and sale of advertising products


Design agency


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