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Redefining brand design


The brand is perhaps the most preciuos asset of your company and if correctly managed
is the key to accelerating your growth and profitability.
The arrival of new competitors, the evolution in the tastes and purchasing behaviour of the people you target, new technology and many other factors lead to significant changes in the market.

If your brand identity isnt't strong and distinctive enough, you may not be able to keep up with these changes. In this case, rebranding could be the solution to your brand.

It's time to transform your visual chaos into harmony, to guide every expression of your brand
towards a coordinated dance that fascinates and reassures over time.


Thanks to our twenty years of international experience, we have developed an innovative concept of graphic design, communication, promotion and management of your brand that will accompany you over time, guaranteeing visual coherence and constant growth of your brand, it's also allowing you to reach the same objectives al a lower price, accompanied by highly qualified professionals.

An innovative system of high value
and high quality services


The first year


& Communication


We redesign your brand in order to have a memorable image and valuable contents

Following years


& Management


We put it into practice for an angoing brand and an harmonious growth



Choose your custom made Brand subscription package

Are you a  Start-up?


The first impact is what counts!

Launch your activity. Conquer the local territory

Creative processes included


Redesign company's logo

Website or E-Commerce

Marketing strategy for Google & social

Creation of an advertising flyer x 4 years, like a story



Are you a Shop?


You won't just have an attractive shop window!

You will be on the first page of Google and more

Creative processes included


Digital marketing & social networks

SEO optimisation for Google search engine

Creation of website/Ecommerce & implementation

Creation of a company's catalogue

Creation for a Poster x 2 & 1 advertising easel


Are you a Company?


Cosistency and distinction!
The premises of a strong brand

Creative processes included


Brand manual & Guideline

Redesign brand identity

Full HD corporate video production

Creation of graphic for company's van

Creation of graphics for billboard + print + materials


Sometimes we are asked...



What is included in the 3 custom made brand subscription?


La progettazione grafica, il design, lo sviluppo, l'implementazione sui media digitali/cartacei, ( processi creativi) la promozione e la gestione di tutta la tua immagine aziendale.

Can I end a brand subscription?

Yes the contract expires  1 year with a tacit renewal/or cancellation by registered mail 3 months before the contract expires.

How long does a brand subscription last?


Each brand subscription is been developed to last in the long term.

What are the creative processes?


They are all those collateral materials such as paper and digital communication tools that a company should have to disseminate and promote its brand in order to make it recognisable

If I have a particular need such as the packaging design of my products, can I add it to the creative processes of the individual brand subscription?


Yes, it is possible. Furthermore, if you want, you can remove or add other creative processes that are not listed in the individual brand subscription.

Is printing included in the single brand subscription?


Yes, each brand subscription describes the advertising product in detail, including technical specifications and quantities.

Hoe does my custom brand subscription design consultation work?


Every month, at the beginning Carrara Communication goes to your headquarters to plan the creative processes to be designed, developed and implemented.

Is the material that is redesigned such as logo, website property?


Yes of course, all paper and digital material is your property, furthermore the brand and guideline manual is updated and sent monthly.

Improve your image!

Are you ready to transform your Start-up, Shop or Company into a valuable and successful brand?

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  • You will have 1 hour of free analysis of your brand
  • We will recommend your most approppriate brand subscription
  • You will discover all the advantages and benefits

We simplyfing visual complexity,
we make simple an image,
a communication, a logo,
a product, but simple dosn't
mean banal, it means adding
value to your brand



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