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Carrara Communication offer a specialized design services to make your brand unique.

Analisy, strategy, testing, implementation and management of your company's visual identity brand.


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Some of our creative works

12 Gennaio 2022

New website design

Client: LAVIDA Group

CH 6593 Cadenazzo

Design services

  1. Graphic design
  2. Page stucture
  3. Navigation
  4. Newsletter module
  5. Content Management System
  6. Responsive
  7. website management
3 Dicembre 2021

Restyling brand identity

Cliente: C-infinito

CH 6930 Bedano

Design services

  1. Brand design
  2. Strategy & communication
  3. Restyling company logo
  4. New business cards
  5. Guide line
  6. Creation of a company brochure
  7. Creation of product data sheets
  8. Advertising campaign
  9. Creation of social images
  10. Creation of intro animation
25 Maggio 2020

Restyling brand identity

Client: Adeodata SA

CH 6900 Lugano

Design services

  1. Brand design
  2. Implementation
  3. Subscription brand design
  4. Restyling company logo
  5. Creation of a brand manual
  6. Personalised images
  7. Creation of a company catalogue
  8. Restyling company website
18 Settembre 2019

New brand identity

Client: Geomatica Righitto Sagl

CH 6900 Lugano

Design services

  1. Creation of a company logo
  2. Initial concepts
  3. Guide line
  4. Brand manual
  5. Colour proofs
  6. Implementation
  7. Personalised images
  8. Graphic example for website
25 Agosto 2018

New brand identity

Client: Innovida Swiss Technology

CH 6592 Sant. Antonino

Design services

  1. Creation of a company logo
  2. Initial concepts
  3. Colour proofs
  4. Logo features
  5. Logo reproduction criteria
  6. The font
  7. logo identity
5 Dicembre 2017

New website design

Client: Swissfloor Bodenbau SA

6596 Gordola

Design services

  1.  Graphic design

  2.  IT technology

  3.  Content Management System SITE

  4.  Creation of links and navigatio
  5.  Homepage banner animation
  6.  Services & products
  7.  Multilingual module
  8.  Responsive design

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We simplyfing visual complexity,
we make simple an image,
a communication, a logo,
a product, but simple dosn't
mean banal, it means adding
value to your brand



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