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Brand Identity

 Brand Identity is how people identify a company, its business and its products. The identity of a company does not only correspond to the logo or visual design in the various marketing activities but it is the set of all the elements that communicate something about the brand:

 1.  Name

2.  Products

3.  Values and goals

4.  Promotional channels

In order to communicate the own identity, in addition to the visual aspect, it is important to know how to involve the public to excite them and allow them to have a  pleasant experience thanks to your products or services. Today there are a multitude of channels available to communicate with your customer: website, email,  videos, PoerPoint presentation, product catalogues, are just a few example:
The brand must be able to adapt and integrate with the various forms of communication and marketing with consistency.

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We simplyfing visual complexity,
we make simple an image,
a communication, a logo,
a product, but simple dosn't
mean banal, it means adding
value to your brand



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